Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Productivity on a Tuesday

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Waking up after 11 with a tremendous amount of crust in my eyes (I realize "crust" is maybe one of the most disgusting words and certainly not a word one ought to use in the opening sentence of a blog post, but that's the reality of it) I didn't think I'd be a very productive person today. Obviously by the title of the post we can conclude that I thought wrong.

I was able to photograph (THANK YOU, SUN), list, make, photograph, list, make...and so on practically all day - with a break for a post office trip. I even finished the keychain I'd been talking about on Tumblr.

I had purchased pliers and wire earlier this month with the hopes of turning my little ball birds into keychains and finally got the burst of energy to make jump rings and put this guy together. I actually really loved the process, so expect more of these in the shop relatively soon!

As if I needed a new collection of crafting equipment.

And as far as my bag goes, it's been thrown by the wayside for awhile. I haven't forgotten about it, but I've been anxious to master new parts like making an adjustable strap and finally sewing it all together. So hopefully that'll be completed soon as well.

HOWEVER a halt approaches. I turn 20 on Friday so Thursday-Sunday I've got various birthday bashes planned and will probably not be updating this during that time. I do have a Project Knit planned for tomorrow and maybe maybe maybe a Friday Five that I can queue. Basically I'm just really saddened at turning 20. I'll miss my "I'm a teenager" excuse. But the good news is that when June rolls around I get to use the "it's my birthday" excuse for everything. Prepare your massaging skills, Casey Cope. <-- I know this won't work, though.

Enough ranting.

I hope everyone has a good dinner tonight. This is a strange thing to say, but I'm really hungry.

And a quick shout out to two people who inspired me to write this post: fluffing and thanksatan on Tumblr left me awesome messages telling me they read this blog (after I'd posted a whiney text about lack of motivation to write on here). So thank you so much, guys!



  1. I need motivation to write on mine again. I'm glad you're more productive than I am. The "real job" has gotten in the way or making new pieces.

  2. I LOVE your little birdie key-chains, absolutely adorable.