Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Five (Vol. 2)

Friday, May 20, 2011
The past few weeks I've been noticing that we're getting pretty birds this year! Living in Indiana, it's not really a big deal to see a cardinal or finch, but when I see brightly colored birds I always make sure the person I'm with sees them too, even if they have no interest. While I didn't get any pictures of cardinals (my favorite), I got a few decent shots of some of my favorite backyard birds.

1. This little guy I watched this morning while I was out with the dogs. He sat there staring at me for awhile so I figured he deserved a spot in my Friday Five. He could have probably fit in the palm of my hand.

2. This was truly amazing. On Wednesday night my mom called me outside and said there were baby robins that seemed sick or something. This bird was literally a foot away from me at one point. She didn't move at all. I was guessing she didn't know how to fly yet, but I have no idea. We found broken robin's eggs in the grass. Anyway, I think it's the cutest bird ever.

3. A few minutes later my mom found her brother. He was a scary version... Darkly colored and had a mean mean face, but he was still cute. Again, he didn't move when we got close. They were both gone when I got back from being out though, so I hope they're healthy.

4. This one. Technically I saw him last week, but I still like this picture.

5. I see this bird almost everyday. It has a nest in our bluebird house. I see it when I'm making lunch and I've gotten a few good images of him (I'm guessing it's a him because it's pretty and girl birds are typically bleh).

I feel weird making a blog post about bird watching. I feel like I'm 127 years old. I crochet and watch birds. What a life.

Enjoy your weekends! Looks like midwest weather is going to be friendly!

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