Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Five (Vol. 1)

Friday, May 13, 2011
Since my posts have been in no way organized, I decided to slowly incorporate scheduled posts rather than immediately outline my week with them. Thus the Friday Five is born. I'm giving myself no real rules when it comes to Friday Five. They can be really anything I want. This week they'll just be five things that got me through the week and made me happy.

I had a pretty rough week. I found out I didn't get the job I wanted, and therefore will not be moving out relatively soon. So that was a downer. Plus it's getting hot and I'm no fan of summer or heat, so I've just been throwing myself a pity party. But there were bright spots, and I think I'm officially out of the dumps!

1. My "nail drawer": I've been obsessed with buying white Steralite drawers to organize my stuff. I got two huge ones to put my LC stuff in and these tiny ones for my make-up and nail stuff. This drawer opens daily and I just love how it looks. Which is probably just really boring to normal people. But as someone who finds endless joy in painting my fits.

2. Super surprisingly - Orly's Rage: This color has been on my nails all week and I think it might be my all-time favorite color. Rose gold. Hasn't chipped. Simple enough.

3. Mowgli: Again, so surprising. I gave both dogs baths earlier this week. And this demon dog gave me hell. After I got all the soap lathered up she decided to shake...getting soap ALL OVER me. THEN as soon as I rinsed her completely she runs off and literally slides in mud. She dug her nails in the mud and dragged her belly through. Needless to say I had to start over and then watch her like a hawk. She's literally the devil's spawn sometimes. But then she sits in her windowsill seat and blends into the wood and looks so innocent.

4. I MADE SOMETHING: Granted it was a requested Droid case, but I started and finished something nonetheless. After I made this last night I was on a roll and started a whole new collection of cases, which I'm excited to post about when they're complete!

5. My new yarn set-up: I organized! This is what I do when I'm stressed. The top yarn shelf is neutrals and darker colors. The middle (my favorite) is full of my favorite skeins and colors and the bottom shelf is all my yarn balls and Sugar and Cream yarns in an antique wire basket (thanks mom).

So those were the things that kept me sane this week. I'm glad it's the weekend because now I can just be lazy and disgusting with Casey.

Happy weekend everyone!

MAH! But a quick PS: I'm thinking of getting a booth at the Johnny Appleseed festival for 2012! To locals, you know how many people that event attracts. Booths are really pricey and I've have to make festival appropriate crafts, but I'm really excited. I think it's been a secret dream of mine since I was little to be a seller there... so that's really exciting news.

NOW have a good weekend.

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  1. A daunting task waiting for me: organize my beads and jewelry supplies. I might cry.