Monday, May 9, 2011


Monday, May 9, 2011
I've gotten a good deal of crocheting done already. I made this requested Kindle case. It's inspired by the Pokemon called Sandile. I love getting return customers and the girl who requested this is my favorite to get requests from. She always wants such cute things. I really enjoyed working on this.

Then I decided to make myself another iPod Touch case last night and tried a new sort of pattern. I love how this lavender one turned out. And the buttons are awesome. I got those in a huge mason jar at an antique store in Cincinnati last summer. The way the case looked made me think of a cool idea for a new line of cases for the shop. And I'll probably whip up a few of these in different colors to try to sell as well.
Is it sad that I'm considering buying a broken iPhone so I can start making iPhone cases? I have this obsession with needing to picture the case with the actual device and don't have an iPhone... I want to expand what I provide though. Ebay browsing begins today.

And the last thing I've been working on are crochet zipper cases. They are (pardon) a total bitch to make. At least with the pattern I made they are. I'm going to practice more because I think it's something that would be cute to do, but as of right now they are more labor than what they're probably worth.

On an unrelated note I made nearly $100 at our garage sale on Saturday! I sold EVERY SINGLE nail polish I put out (which was nearly half my collection). Some lady came by in the last minute and bought the remaining 27 polishes for $20, which was awesome and simultaneously heartbreaking. So I'm definitely happy with the garage sale results. I had a bunch of kids going nuts over some of the cases I put out. It seems little kids are the ones who always make me feel best. One girl GASPED and said she thought the cases were really cool.

Other than that I've been pretty lazily enjoying my bits of freedom and anxiously awaiting a call from a potential employer.

Expect some new posts and products this week!

Hope everyone's winding down from this semester and getting some down time!


  1. I am so close to being done. If I had a Kindle (I pledge to read the printed word), I'd snatch one of those up.

  2. so beautiful, how come?? the way to make, i mean.