Monday, May 9, 2011

7 Minutes or 9 Dollars?

Monday, May 9, 2011
Lately I've been into scrubs. Exfoliating my hands, lips, elbows, blah, blah. I've also decided that the scrubs I've been buying are a huge waste of money considering they are mostly water and sugar and fragrance. Feeling a little adventurous, I tried my hand at making my own edible lip scrub. I looked up some simple recipes, but in the end just decided to throw stuff in a bowl and figure it out myself.

Literally 7 minutes passed from finding and emptying a jar of (disgustingly Vaseline-y) hand scrub to pouring this concoction in it. The lip scrub sold on Lush's website is nearly $9 and lip scrubs on Etsy and in stores aren't much cheaper. I think 7 minutes of my time was a decent tradeoff. Especially since I've put myself on a 20 Pan (use up 20 beauty/make-up/shower products before buying any frivolous products).

I made it raspberry flavored and put some coloring in it. The coloring stained my lips a tiny tiny bit but I think that's an added bonus. Plus it just tastes like raspberry sugar... so it's okay if it gets in your mouth. Or you purposely put it there.

I'm definitely contemplating expanding my recipe book with more handmade beauty products. And hey, maybe I could start selling those!

Anyway. That's was my "new thing" for the day yesterday. Maybe I'll make more and do a recipe post.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Don't EVEN get me started on my love for some extra virgin olive oil...