Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ten Things (Vol. 2) : FW Zoo Animals!

Sunday, April 24, 2011
Today some of my family and I went to the zoo. I took so many pictures and wanted to take home a lot of the animals, so my 10 Things are going to be my favorite animals that I saw today.

10. This bird whose name I forget: He had pretty orange eyes and wouldn't let me get a good picture of them.

9. The lioness:

8. Geese: There were SO MANY geese at the zoo today. There were nests all over the park so in a few weeks I'll bet there will be tons of babies.

7. These...birds: They were so close to the fence that we could have touched them. I think I'm hexed because all the animals hated me. These birds hissed at me. And birds don't hiss. I'm Damien from the Omen.

6. Hyena: So creepy looking.

5. This bird: If I get a picture of a bird with it's head like this, I'm in love. And obviously I got a picture of a bird with it's head like this. So I'm in love.

4. I know this isn't a badger but that's all I can think of....I can't remember what it's called...: They're so manly.

3. Lion: I got videos of him making loud noises, but I was across the African section of the zoo and couldn't really see him. Also I don't want to upload videos rights now.

2. Why do I even need to describe why this is the best thing I've ever seen?

1. Tortoise: (S)he came so close to my mom and I that we touched him (ignoring warnings and signs all around us).

But probably the best part was I got my little brother to pose in a picture with his galpal...SMILING.
I wish my zoo had a better aquarium section. My favorite animal is the blue whale, and while I'll never live to see the day blue whales are brought into aquariums... I'd like to see better marine life in our zoo. They should get a sloth, too. They're cool.

What are your favorite animals?


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  2. I have to be honest: I was always kind of bored by zoos. I think there are buffaloes in a zoo near where I live...