Friday, April 29, 2011

End of Dead Week

Friday, April 29, 2011
I'm never happy with the way these shelves look. There's something about them that's been driving me insane. It could be the stress of the end of the semester (I've been partaking in Tumblr rants). But next week I have three finals and then the semester is O-V-E-R.

So today I got much-needed cleaning time and a little bit of crocheting in. In a few hours I'll head over to Casey's and spend the weekend with him. It's beautiful all of the sudden, so maybe I'll stick to my resolution of spending more time outside? Or we'll open all the windows in his apartment and watch movies...

I took an impromptu trip to Indianapolis with my mom and our family friend Becky yesterday. We shopped and ate at Chipotle (which to those of you who don't know me, is my favorite kind of day). I used one of my video game cases for my iPod and want to keep it. So I am.

I think I need to clear some space for the new things I'm going to be making in the coming weeks. My mom and I are planning to get some of our *pardon* shit out on the lawn when our neighborhood has garage sale days this summer. I have a TON of nail polish, clothes and Local Color stuff I need to get rid of.

I did steal some time outside to watch our goldfish in the pond and look at the buds on the pear tree. Maybe they'll be edible pears this year.

As is custom, here is Jezzebelle. The light of my life. Who is currently curled up on my bed next to me. Another resolution is to walk her more. I really need to keep up with my goals for 2011.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. I could definitely use a garage sale. I can't wait for the first craft fair of the season so I can get rid of some old pieces.