Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and Plans

Sunday, April 24, 2011
As is tradition in our family, there's always a pretty sizable gap between finding baskets and eating breakfast, so I thought I'd update this. I've been actually crocheting lately. I only have 1 finished product to show for it, but that's better than nothing. AND I got a little time this weekend to power clean/organize my room and get myself in better order.

I finished this requested Totoro and started a lot of new iPod cases and plush animals. But now I'm bogged down with more homework and studying, so probably won't get too much more in until after finals week. (For me, that means May 3rd)

Last night I got my ELF haul in the mail, though. I don't know why I'm suddenly obsessed with girl things, but I am.

And for Easter my mom got me two polishes I've been wanting for awhile. I got the extremely popular For Audrey by China Glaze and Panda-monium Pink by OPI.

Don't throw up. After I went to my mom's author fair yesterday she rewarded me by going to Walgreens and letting me get some Sinful Colors. I know it's disgusting how much nail polish I have, but I'm going to sell about half of it during garage sales this summer. I think I'm getting a full time job where my dad works and am planning on moving out and downsizing all my junk.

AND on Tuesday I'm getting my tattoo added to/finished. So I'm really excited about that. And I'll probably make an appointment for my next one. I'll include pictures once it's healed. Other than that I don't have any updates really.

Well happy Easter/April 24th to everyone. I'll probably do a 10 Things post later. Because I love lists.

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