Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So I found out that Cindo de Mayo is my absolute final day of this semester. So of course I counted how many days away that was (24) and put it as a banner on my phone which I'll undoubtedly update daily (I'm about 7 years old). I can't wait to be able to work on my shop and swim and get up at a time that isn't 7. My schedule for fall has been set (full of boooooring businessy and general requirement-y classes).

After my last class today my mom and I went grocery shopping at Walmart. Lately I can't go into a store like Target or Walmart without perusing the cosmetics/beauty department (Casey will vouch for me - he's spent much time standing in those smelly aisles pretending to love me unconditionally). I found deals as I usually do. Know that this blog will be a mixed-pot of content. The supreme topic of conversation is my Etsy and crafting, but I like beauty and movies and video games and collecting things and cleaning and Real Simple magazine and my dogs, so if ever you feel like I'm tangenting... you're right. ANYWAY.

I love sets of trial-sized lotions/soaps/scrubs/etc. I found this EcoTools set for under $6. It smells like piss and honey. I basically paid $6 for a really good nail brush, which I guess I'm not too upset about. Eco-friendly beauty products are always kind of disappointing. I have this natural shampoo that lathers enough to suds up a Barbie's hair and then dies out. Meh. But I'll use it up and (yes) recycle the bottles.

Then I found Sally Hansen NailGrowth for $2.50, which for those who don't know or reeeally don't care, is a good price. Hello, I'm Kirsten Renz and I'm starting off my new blog by immediately alienating male readers.

Back to the reason I blog to begin with: I've been having trouble finding time or want to crochet or sew. I know it's just the stress of school and the crunch of time, but it's discouraging.

I'm trying to come up with some new products I could make that are summer-friendly. I feel like bulky crochet scarves are awful for summer and want something that I could add to the shop that people'd want in the hotter months. Got any ideas/suggestions?

Hope everyone's enjoying the awesome weather! Tomorrow'll be my first What I'm Watching Wednesday. I love alliteration scheduled posts (and parenthesis).

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Loving your blog so far. Reading is so much fun! Also, I wish I had the patience (and skill) to paint my nails. Actually, I wish I had nails. I have a terrible biting habit. :(

  2. Looooooooooove Real Simple with everything that I am!